About me


Regina Ealain Maier

freelance artist/singer

from Austria/North Tyrol


Why do I paint?

I need art just like the air that I breathe. Being creative is my way to express my inner being.

I paint because I love it to combine colours whilst I completely trust my intuition.

I believe art is the key to find meaning and to understand our most delicate parts of our live. I believe that art has the power to change lives.



With my art I want to open soul windows,. I want to open them wide, to let in some extra colour, joy, confidence and strenght.


What do I create?

I mainly work with acrylic paint on canvas or wood. Sometimes I paint dream images, visions I see when closing my eyes or looking at a blank canvas.

All I have, all  I am in that specific moment flows right into the painting. 

 I´m pretty atteched to strong vivid colours, rising women, floating lovers. 

I love abstract painting, layers, working with my fingers and palette knifes.





Soulistic Art